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o Classic Victoria Sponge: A soft vanilla sponge, creamy vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam

o Luscious Lemon: A refreshing lemony sponge with a Sicilian lemon buttercream and tangy lemon curd


o Chocoholic: A light and moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

o Salted Caramel: Vanilla sponge and buttercream with divine salted caramel sauce. Yum!


o Carrot & Pecan: One of your 5 a day? And with cinnamon & cream cheese flavoured buttercream


o Raspberry & Almond: Ground almonds add flavour to the sponge, with the sharp raspberry conserve and a creamy almond buttercream


o Coffee & Walnut: Coffee flavoured sponge with walnuts and coffee flavoured buttercream

o Red Velvet: Vibrant red cocoa flavoured sponge with a cream cheese flavoured buttercream


o Coconut & Lime: Coconut sponge with tangy lime curd and a smooth coconut flavoured buttercream


o Strawberries & Cream: Strawberries and cream flavour sponge and buttercream with freeze dried strawberries


o White Chocolate & Raspberry: White chocolate flavoured sponge and buttercream with sharp raspberry jam. Nomnom


o Boozy Fruit Cake: Cognac soaked fruit and cherries in a moist sponge, wrapped in marzipan and icing



All fondant cakes are coated with ganache underneath the fondant for a smooth and sturdy base to decorate on. 

 This is made with cream and either white or dark chocolate. 

Allergens and Special Requirements 

Our cakes are baked in a kitchen with known food allergens including but not limited to eggs, dairy, wheat, soy and nut.

On this basis we cannot say that any cake is nut free or free from certain ingredients.

We can offer cakes that do not include dairy, gluten or non vegan ingredients.

Although we will take every care whilst baking these cakes, they will be prepared in a kitchen that stores and uses all ingredients.

So we cannot definitely say there will be no gluten, dairy, vegan ingredients or any other ingredient.

Wedding Cake Tasters

Choose up to 6 flavours to be posted to your home.....


o Victoria Sponge

o Luscious Lemon

o Chocoholic

o Salted Caramel

o Carrot & Pecan

o Raspberry & Almond

o Coffee & Walnut

o Strawberries & Cream * New Flavour *

o Red Velvet

o Coconut & Lime

o White Chocolate & Raspberry

o Boozy Fruit Cake

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